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Was going with a sexier song called 'TYCO (Take Your Clothes Off)' (haha) on the home stretch toward the closing of this perfect day... and then a cloud came and hung over our magical little nest in Echo Park. K was pulling some tarot cards and pulled the Death card... twice. What was that all about? Her sweet monkey reptile wizard cat, Bismarck... well he'd been with me in that room throughout the whole album from conceptualization to the latest of late nights, all through the tracking, lyric writing... everything. He was my right hand man. For some reason this song 'Dance With Me' just wanted to come out right then. A song about a guy and a girl... fugitives who 'live for love and die by the gun.' Not really the vibe I was 'shooting' for, but it just demanded to be included here. It wrote itself and then just wedged right into that #9 spot like a defiant ghost who can't leave its old haunt. As I was writing the lyrics, Biz perched himself right on the edge of the table between me and my notebook. I literally had to write around him. He just sat there and stared at me. I didn't have the nerve to push him away. It was so funny. And ironic. Here I was writing a song about death... contrary to just about every last word and note of this mostly bright and celebratory album. This was also the final song... the last one to finish. All the others were done in terms of music and lyrics. But it came quick. Like I said, it wrote itself. The next morning, Bismarck was acting strange. He wouldn't look me in the eye. If ever there was a cat given to prolonged eye contact... So I took him to the vet. They made us wait over an hour. Finally I took him up to the desk and pleaded with them to help him. They took him back and... well... he passed along not too shortly thereafter. K and I cried for days. Weeks really. I'm sad right now as I write this. I loved that guy as much as I had ever loved an animal and, man, he was right there by my side throughout the making of this document. So this album is dedicated to Biz and this song just had to stay even if it's awkward falling into the final hours of our perfect day. Miss you, Wizard. Thanks for being my friend.


yeah we made off like bandits in the middle of the night
and the cops couldn’t find us and we felt so right like
the king and queen of the world
just a boy and a girl

yeah we ran like rabbits up into the hills
hid out for a night and then we stole some wheels
and drove west to venice beach
just a step out of reach

and when you hold my hand want you to understand
you’ve got to understand that i will never let you go

dance with me move with my body tonight
let’s make memories under the moonlight
baby dance with me look into my eyes
feel our energy come alive

yeah they caught us red-handed in the middle of the day
and we heard those sirens wailing on the way
to the scene of the crime
we just ran out of time

but baby hold my hand and understand
you’ve got to understand that i will never let you go

dance with me ooh one more time
no they’ll never take us alive

yeah we lived for love
and we died by the gun
but we sure had our fun

darling dance with me in the afterlife
long live our memory under the moonlight

c’mon dance with me no our love could never die
i feel our energy come alive



from A Perfect Day In The Golden Age, released October 23, 2015
Written, performed and produced by Jonathan Ray Case



all rights reserved


Jonathan Ray Case

Manchester vibes, LA digs, Texas heart, Louisiana blood

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